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Our commitment to our candidates and clients is in supporting their long term strategy. Careers are built over time and we do not simply engage as a onetime transaction; we believe in fostering relationships. It’s more than a job for us; it’s about a career FIT.


What We Offer Our Clients

We recognise that by outsourcing recruitment, a business is contracting out a business function that is pivotal to its ongoing success and growth. Recruitment may not be a core competency to our clients but it remains a critical one. We value a partnership where we are required to provide the client with flexibility to manage growth, particularly the speed of the growth as well as the shape of the growth.

We will constantly bring innovation to our research and recruitment processes to ensure that the partnership is sustainable and creates value. We pride ourselves in the ability to assess the degree of potential fit of the candidate to an organisational culture that lives. Listening and understanding is important for us to deliver successfully whether we are talking to a client, or a candidate. We are fit for purpose!

We offer our clients:

•    Confidentiality
•    An attraction strategy that complements their retention strategy
•    Capacity to allow the client to manage other key functions of their business
•    Candidates who are clear about what they want, relative to the business requirements
•    Experience in multifaceted business requirements

Success breeds success and our model is to match the client with high quality best fit candidates.


What We Offer Our Candidates
Confidentiality is essential when building a relationship you can trust. We appreciate that as a candidate exploring alternative career prospects, one has to manage the risk implications of one’s existing position.  We offer you the opportunity to explore options whilst safeguarding your interests.

 We offer you:

  • A trusting relationship where we will act in your best interests. We offer a consultancy service that supports you as the candidate in building a career by placing you with a company where you will fit in. You are the one that makes the best decision for your career and we support that.

  • An appropriate opportunity where your cultures and values are aligned. We provide you with transparent feedback, honest enough to tell you if the role is suitable for you. We will place you in an environment where your talent and aspirations are not inhibited.

  • We assist you in the development of your career through sharing our knowledge of the market and the client to ensure you have a full understanding of the dynamics in the industry.

Register with FIT Recruitment and upload your CV to help us find the right role for you.  Registration will enable you as a candidate to continuously update your CV on-line. An updated CV enables us to have a more relevant match when new roles are posted.


Why Us
    • We honour our agreements and ensure we filter for valid CV’s for the role.  You as the client are not flooded with the paperwork but  rather have sight of the quality candidates. We are not a CV pushing enterprise we focus on the quality of the candidates we send you
    • We build professional and ethical relationships with both our clients and our candidates, ensuring that we understand enough to deliver effectively




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