Is It A Job Or Is It An Opportunity

A job is nothing but work! I am more motivated to take on an opportunity. It is interesting that my last two jobs drew such differing responses from my friends when I told them what I planned to do. Many thought (and probably still do think so) that it no shoeswas a step down in status. Oddly enough, the same reasons they saw as why not to do it, were the reasons that attracted me to want to do it. Where many saw characteristics of abuse, lack of trust, lack of integrity and serious hard work, I saw an opportunity to make a difference; I saw an opportunity to be of service to people; I saw an opportunity to give people the chance to get their sense of worth back!


It is all about how you look at things, and very often we don't follow our intuition in what we do, rather choosing to go with the herd mentality of what everyone else thinks. A wise man told me this story and I am not sure about the source, so I can’t quote. Two men landed on the African continent, having come from a much more developed economic infrastructure. Observing the people and surroundings, the first one exclaimed "Man, Africa is so poor! The people here don't even wear shoes". The second one, presented with exactly the same picture, remarked "Man, Africa is rich! Look at how many people I can sell shoes to"


Often with work, people do not understand what it is they enjoy doing. The fancy tools and trendy brands grab their attention and that is where they perceive their fulfilment will come from. Do not underestimate the impact of what you do if you are working people that have the same values you. Do not underestimate the value you will feel in terms of your contribution when you appreciate that it makes a difference. It must not just be a job you are chasing, it should be an opportunity for you to have an impact, through what you produce.


The question "why should I hire you?" might be daunting for some in interview, but the answer lies within why you actually want that job. If you want the job because of a perceived status it comes with, that will be short lived. If you want that job because it is closer to home, that is what you'll get. If you want the job because of the salary, you will make more money but you won’t be wealthier. If you don't know why you want that job, then maybe it is not the opportunity for you.


You want that job because of a certain feeling you think you are going to get from doing it. It is an emotional reason, not a opportunityrational one. How do the people you will work with make you feel? What do they believe in and what are they looking to achieve? You will not know all of this, not even after an interview. You only know this when you are part of the team and you are all cranking. Do they care about the same things you care about? Those are values and you better know yours or else you will have a culture clash. Do they have a vision about where they are going, and does it align to your personal vision?


These are the things that influence your fulfilment from the job experience you have. You don't want to wake up and dread going to work, or have those Sunday afternoon Blues! So if that is where you are, before jumping from a boiling pot and into a frying pan, ask yourself why what you have is not working? Thereafter be brutally honest about why any other job will be better and working there will be sustainable in the long run!


So what do you have, a job or an opportunity?


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