Carpe Diem!

Blog 96

Live every day as if it was your last one, because no one knows the day of tomorrow. Now, that is difficult! Carpe diem means “seize the day” encouraging you to leave aside all differences, fears and worries and live. How many times have you not looked back on all those days that have passed realizing you have not been able to enjoy them because you were so busy longing for better days? Those days do not come back – they are gone and lost forever. ‘Live every day as if it was your last day in your life’ – heard it before? Of course you have, but it does not change the fact that many, if not most of us, remain incapable of “seizing the day.” Why is it such that many of us seem incapable of living in this very moment?

Perhaps we have too many expectation or too many thoughts about what is needed to be happy. It seems to form an integral and dominant part of our lives to occupy ourselves with planning for future and expected, prospected glorious days but do they come or are we wasting our time longing for the perfect life in a perfect state of mind? Certain things in life are given and certain things you can do something with. In the 1970s Ronald Inglehart developed the sociological theory of post-materialism. Inglehart’s analysis of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs indicated a priority of materialistic goals necessary for physical survival over post-materialistic ones, such as self-realization, belonging and esteem and similar. For those having been lucky to get both, has it changed the chase for more? 

Unfortunately, it does not look like. We keep waiting and searching for the perfect job, the perfect holiday, more money and more things that we believe we need. Caught and imprisoned by capitalism so to speak, we keep thinking that our goals and thereby happiness is defined by what we physically possess – in some cases it almost become an obsession. Once we have what we aimed for, we keep aiming for something else and so it goes on year after year till we one day realize that we lost time aiming without enjoying and living. Stig Johansson, a Swedish writer, expressed it this way “All these days that just came and went, little did I know that they were life itself.”

To a certain extent we are all driven by materialistic driving forces making us urge for more. “Much wants more” they say and human beings always try to improve own conditions, or rather, what they perceive improvements. We get born, we live and we die – that is common to all of us. How we live is the difference. Realization of what is important to you as opposed to what others, society and media portray as important and expect from you might bring you closer to the wish for life – the life – you have been seeking throughout the years, that is, unless you are amongst the lucky ones to have already found it....

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