A Madonna? 

We have a certain difficulty understanding why we – in our modern world – keep on upholding a societal Blog 102structure related to a patriarchal society. Despite liberation and promotion of gender equality most so-called modern states seem to keep up a traditional perception of men as conquerors and women as the conquered ones. It remains a man’s privilege to have many sexual partners and somehow it makes him an attractive hero-like creature. A woman doing the same is a ‘slut’. The trend of ‘slut-shaming’ contributes to underline this and funny enough this trend, found in social media, is often masterminded by girls and women. Why is it still as such that a woman needs to be like a Madonna to be respected?

We all remember Sex in the City and amongst the four girls that were rather sexually promiscuous the character “Samantha” probably drew most attention. She behaved like a man and was not the slightest ashamed of it, she – contrary to what is perceived socially acceptable – enjoyed it. “Charlotte” was probably the one closest to a Madonna but even she was found with various male acquaintances. Few cultures facilitate female (sexual) dominance and you seldom use the expression ‘slut’ about a man although he might perfectly well be one. What we in reality are talking about in this respect is gender equality.

A friend of mine consequently refuses to go into a car when a man opens the door as a gentleman – she perceives it chauvinist. I bet she must belong to the few rather than the many. Because we care a lot about how others perceive us, women tend to bend down and accept traditional gender roles. Maybe that is why we still are far from de facto gender equality. At home or in workplaces there are certain patterns indicating that men prevail in a dominant position. Many cultures praise and worship the woman almost like an ideal, yet in many of those same cultures the prevalence of domestic violence is high even and even where criminalized seldom touched by law enforcement agencies.

Before anyone jumps into conclusion – no, this is not an expression of a feministic point of view. It is simply raises an issue that hardly is new to anyone. When thinking about it, we do not have to go that far back in time to when women gained right to vote in elections and perhaps full gender equality is simply a matter of time and patience. In essence we talk about dominance, power and ruling techniques. A woman characterized as a slut is being socially degenerated and can even have her career destroyed but only because we allow it. Admit it – you too think that when hearing about it. That is in part why we can’t get past this stage.


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