Perfect bops, clothes, shoes, faces, teeth and non-cellulite bodies – what is this world we are creatingBlog 104 where everyone is compelled to look the same, wear the same and be seen eating the latest exotic concoction? Is this modern society, a society in which we all resemble each others?  Is this all-smart marketing?  Or Are we in reality a bunch of copycats desperate to fit in and blend?  Capitulating to societal expectations as to what a normal looking person shall look like, influencing us to fix our faces, going through painful hair-vex (and who does that voluntarily anyway) and to spend our hard earned cash buying trendy clothes, drinking coffee from even trendier coffee bars? Are we for real or are we just following and copying?

Sadly as humans we seem very easily lured into trends. Trending is about pressure and many of us are easily convinced to sell our souls to own or follow the latest trend screaming success. You want to be cool? Do like everyone else. Eat and dress according to magazine trends and supposedly you are in the clique of the ‘cool and famous’. Are we saying that being cool or let’s say modern is the same as being equal – meaning - looking and behaving in the same way as others? Yes, to a certain extent. We cannot help copying others, whether we are talking about action, lifestyle, make-up, clothing and even how we spend our holidays.   

Looking at where we come from copying is not unfamiliar... From the moment we are born, we grow up imitating others. That is how we are socialize as we are told that we should adhere to expectations from the society around us. However modern society places pressure on us to be like others, conform – Are we going too far? Lips must be in a particular size and shape; you have to look a certain way regardless of means and expense – avoid looking old. We go as far as exposing intimate parts of the body in the name of trending. In many cases “copying” what is trendy is not even a conscious act – we do it naturally, though in many cases triggered by the influence of media.  There are so few spheres that are not subjected to trending and where we are maintain our unique identity.  Is non-conforming not in itself special, unique and a trend – our own trend!

Automatic imitation is exactly that – automatic, and don’t think that best-selling brands doesn’t know that. Somehow, it seems like imitation or copying if you like, is creating a social bond – it connects us, identifying who is who, not to mention what. Brands use this to their advantage in marketing. Commercials show you how happy you will be when you acquire, wear, eat or drink the product. Its no wonder we buy products promising us happiness – after all – who wants to be unhappy?!


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