Does Busy Mean Important?

We are all very busy these days, are we not? What keeps us so occupied? Work? We find ourselves so

Blog 105 buried in work that we hardly make time to include friends and family in our busy schedule. This does not go for everyone of course – many of us manage get the balance right.  So what does this mean for those of us that are so busy?  Are we truly so busy with work or is it simply what we choose to prioritise differently? Work or being at work can be a self-chosen lifestyle one chooses to be happy with. Having said that many of us have fallen in the “busy trap”  or “only when I reach a certain goal” depriving ourselves of the opportunity to enjoy life itself – that is of course unless you perceive your job your life with no space for anything else.

Many of us identify ourselves with our job and before we know it, our entire life is totally dominated and consumed by work. A job shall be engaging, after all we spend most of our time at work.  I cannot help but reflect upon the following: how come that in life, many of us prioritize a job over our family and friends? One thing is for sure: no one is irreplaceable. We all know this, yet we keep working as if no one else would have the skills, knowledge and capacity to do the same job as we do. Ownership and a perception that no one can do the job as ourself has one result: you will keep being busy as no one else can be trusted to take over your tasks.  

While work itself might take up your time from morning to late evening and in many cases weekends, many employers go far in extending work to also include various activities. Workout and fitness opportunities that employees are not only recommended to utilize – in some cases it is indeed a requirement to keep the job. It means that many spheres of what we previously labelled private has become part of the job, and as a result we become more and more occupied with work. Yet many enjoy the habit of just saying they are incredible busy because it seems like the right thing to say with an air of importance. We are too busy to take care of each other, too busy to spend time with our family, too busy to just sit a few hours one evening and listen to a friend or a spouse who has a problem or an insecurity. Why is it so important for us to show that we are busy? (for those of us making that a point). Does busy mean important which again means success? Do we receive some kind of honour being busy versus not being busy? Or could the following be the case: Does busy simply mean we are not good enough in working smart? Does it mean that many of us are ineffective?

Here is the thing: Everyone is busy, in one-way or another. It is not that one type of (being) busy is more important than another; yet we keep thinking that being busy at work is more important than being busy at home doing what being busy at home means, like undertaking activities with the family or taking care of the children for instance. Constantly giving the impression you are busy can actually damage your ability to connect with others as one can loose perspective of what is real.  Next time someone asks how you are doing, perhaps avoid saying you are busy as an opening remark and rather give the impression you are open for catching up. Oh, and last thing, if you are active on social media – please avoid tweeting ‘busy’!



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