When What You Believe Becomes The Truth



Belief and truth does not always coincide. You may believe or perceive a situation as you want it to be – not as it actually is. What you believe might diverge from de facto reality – yet we might believe what we want to believe because a) it is more comfortable and believing something else would disturb our comfort zone and b) facing reality may in many cases obstruct the reality you live in and believe you want to live within. Do we believe what we want to believe and do we believe what we want out of comfort considerations?Blog 109

Clearly in some cases we choose to believe something else than what our little voice inside tells us is the truth. That little voice can be ignored and suppressed. It is more comfortable to believe something that is to your own advantage than the other way around. In many cases we pretend having another, usually more successful life than what is the case – this being work, private life, marriage or other aspects of life. In the end it becomes the “truth” and because the cost of breaking out and be honest to yourself is too high we can go through our entire life pretending and believing this.

The power of the mind is strong, especially when you want something or someone being in a particular way. It feels safe, it saves you a lot of trouble and not at least does it give an impression of being normal and maybe even successful. In other words, if you act perfect and look perfect – it is perfect. Perception is everything so to speak. Perception – yes that is the word for it. You face the world showing a side of yourself that might be miles away from who you really are. Again, expectations from society and those around you play a determining role here.

So watch it. When what you believe becomes the truth (your truth) and the discrepancy between your truth and reality keeps growing, you lack sincerity to first and foremost yourself. What are we really afraid of and why do many of us pretend being someone or something else than who or what we really are? The answer could be as simple as vulnerability. We do not want to be seen as vulnerable. Vulnerable means weak and there is no place for weakness in our society shall we believe the media created image of a successful person. We don’t pity the weak, we admire the strong, and we all want to be admired, don’t we?

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