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Forever inspired by Snow-White we ask: ‘Mirror, mirror on this wall – who on this earth is happiest of all?’ In September, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network released the second World Policy makers should make happiness a key measure and target to development, was one of the conclusion following the 2013 report. 

For governments, happiness is not only a key measure to get in position (office) but also a key to stay there. The report states that the Danish followed by Norwegians are the happiest people in the world followed by Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden. Level of happiness, measured in 156 countries, concludes that 61 countries report more happiness, 41 countries report less happiness. Conclusion is; those that opt for more happiness should head towards the northern parts of Europe. Happiness Report. Six key indicators determine a country’s ranking on a scale from 1-10 (1 being least or not happy, 10 most happy): real GDP per capita, life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make own choices in life, freedom of corruption and generosity. Mental health is not surprisingly a main contributing factor to happiness. The 2013 report is an interesting read not at least when thinking about who earns most on people’s happiness. There is undoubtedly economic profit and progress stemming from happiness and people’s well-being not only for state leaders but also for industries “promising” happiness.


While the UN Happy report holds many interesting points, it is a matter of fact that states as well as businesses earn on happy people. Obviously being wealthy relieves you for many worries so that must in many cases be better than being poor, yet does wealth really make you happy as such? Wealth brings with it other qualities, such as freedom of choice along many dimensions but obviously, any aspect of wealth also brings with it worries. The report highlights the importance of measuring happiness across life domains, not just economic capacity. The World Happiness Report represents interesting and important research in this respect. Happy people re-elect governments (that made them happy in the first place). They are also believed to live longer and be more productive. In other words, happy people are good for business.

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