Being diplomatic


Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where diplomacy is required. diplomatic This can be in relations to friends, a partner or in job-related situations. Being diplomatic requires choosing your words with care. You use tact and sensitivity in dealing with others. Diplomacy can be necessary in negotiating alliances, treaties and agreements as it can be at home. Not everyone posses this skill and rather than meeting a situation with diplomacy some would burst out with their immediate reaction and comments. It will hardly calm matters down in an aggravated situation


Diplomacy is so important that we educate a whole body of diplomats to take care of sensitive international issues. In fact, diplomats are the oldest form of any foreign policy institution of a state. Diplomacy is often described as soft power as opposed to hard power (threatening or even war). Among us more “normal” citizens, it can at times be hard to be diplomatic. Some describe diplomatic persons as people-pleasers and even cowards, people who keep their opinions to themselves. It is perhaps more polite to be diplomatic but sometimes one just cannot help it and “#%&” comes out of your mouth. You know you should not have said what you said, and afterwards you could have bitten your own tongue off.

Being diplomatic can be taught. It is in effect a communication technique where words are chosen with care. Once you find yourself within other cultural settings very different from your own, it immediately becomes a greater challenge. One can easily offend someone without even knowing it, just from using the wrong words. In this sense it is worthwhile to study local customs in advance. This is of course a matter of respect as well, but of course you could choose to be non-diplomatic and lash out your honest opinion to the east and west.

We do not always feel for being diplomatic and sometimes we do loose our temper. Yet, in most situations, being diplomatic probably brings you further and even if you disagree with your counterpart your first mission is to make him/her listen to you. In this we do not talk about foreign relations where lack of diplomacy can cause war, but about daily situations we all face at times. As in foreign relations, being diplomatic can prevent conflict and can be highly efficient in getting your point across without raising your voice so to speak. Being diplomatic does not mean not letting your opinions known, it means evaluating a situation, waiting for the right moment before speaking or acting. In other words: diplomacy and being diplomatic is about thinking before speaking or acting.

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