How many trustworthy people do you know?


A friend said to me: ‘the other day, I counted how many people I truly trust. I came to 3 ½ persons, one I doubt could really be there if it mattered which is the 1/2, but still one belonging to someone I trust information with.’ What does being trustworthy or generally ‘trust’ really mean? ‘Trustworthy’ refers to someone able to be relied on as honest and truthful. ‘Trust’ in general would refer to personal qualities such as integrity, strength or ability. It also refers to care of another due to the confidence (trust) placed upon the person. Are these characters really so hard to find?    


In many parts of the world, individualism is cherished, but has it made us more selfish and ego-centric to the extent that we do not have time to be trusted and being trustworthy friends? Many say that trustworthy people – those you can really count on – are hard to find because at the end of the day, everyone has enough with themselves, and no one really cares if caring implies too much trouble or too many sacrifices. If that is the case it is sad indeed. However, even if truly trustworthy people can be hard to find, learning to trust (someone) is also a challenge.

If you trust someone you should be able to believe what the other person says. Ouch! How many times have you not discovered that a person you trusted was talking with ‘split tongue’? Most of us have one or more experiences in this respect, making it more difficult to trust someone else later on. Trust is gained, and being trusted takes time. If someone puts their trust in you, it means that you sometimes make sacrifices and efforts to help them out – just because they trust you and they need your help there and then. You do not perceive it a sacrifice as such, it comes natural.

Not everyone is capable of doing this – too busy perhaps or maybe it is more a question of priorities, so that brings us back to the point of individualistic (read: self-centred) lifestyles. Someone placing their confidence in you would mean they consider you trustworthy. It is a compliment. You are found ‘worth’ of being trusted and you do not question the obligations following someone having placed their confidence in you, and why? Because you care so in conclusion; Trust means caring and being trustworthy means committing into the care of others. George MacDonald once said “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved”.


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