I’m a hunter

“I’m a hunter, I need to hunt” he said. The words came from a male friend that I had known long enough to understand that hunting women, as he expressed it, formed an important and proud part of his life. He kept coming back to this topic, and it made me wonder whether it was a way of saying ‘I’m fit; I’m potent – look at me, I’m gorgeous’, making hunting into some kind of characteristic and exclusive right of being a macho (man). But when thinking about it, is it really as such, that only men are “hunters” or have women equally become “hunters” too?

Men’s sexual instincts are to date based and reasoned on primeval instincts. Here is what some experts in the field have concluded. They saying, that a man must hunt for sex is connected to the man’s need to conquest or conquer. A “real” man, i.e. the macho, hunters. Traditionally, men are the sexual hunters and women the receivers as well as keepers of sex. In this men are lucky not to be the ones giving birth to children. They don’t breast-feed either. 

For the “macho” hunter women are allegedly divided into three categories: a woman for friendship, a woman to love and a woman for entertainment. There is no easy way of moving from one category to another. A woman agreeing too easy to sex is not perceived as a potential life partner for the man. Easy come – easy go, so to speak. Once in a relationship, jealousy is perceived beneficial in relations to a macho so when the woman gets attention from other men, it increases “her value”. In this, a woman shall “play” alongside with the attention she gets, but not too much and not for too long. The macho will not like it. It is like saying that a woman is born beautiful to attract men – left alone that women might not like to be characterized as such. 

“Even the evolutionary order states that a man strives for the greatest number of sexual contacts. So, it is not surprising, though very disappointing for us, women,” Annette Orlova, a lead psychologist in the field says. This all makes you wonder what the conclusion would be if it was a woman who said “I’m a hunter.” The natural order is that men hunt women, but in our days we also see many examples of the opposite, namely women hunting men. Focus on equal rights and empowerment of women, has triggered women to also hunt – like men. Well, that is, the woman will make it look like it is the man hunting her, while in reality it is often the other way around according to researchers. What does this tell us? Positively, in the 21st century men and women have become equal and a match in almost every human activity and women; well they do no longer exist (only) for men to hunt them down. 

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