Yes, you read correctly, happy-glasses. Before you ask what on earth happy-glasses are, let us first state that we have decided to be happy. We believe being happy is a choice and that we can be happy if we choose to be so. Could be we have read too many life coaching blogs, yet, somehow it starts to affect us. So here we go: We are happy! Now about the glasses – i.e. the happy ones. Of course there is no such thing as happy-glasses. It simply refers to what attitude you decide to meet each day with. Positive attitude of course as we after all have made a deliberate choice to be happy. 

Being happy is a choice and it means everyone can learn to be happy. Nowadays you can even take happy-tests and those of you that thought you were ridiculously happy might find out that you actually are unhappy. One better test it actually. We will save you for standard phrases like; ‘Money cannot make you happy’. Sure we know that. In fact, even in the richest countries in the world people start to realize that they become happier with less. Yes! Not because of having less as such, but because them managing with less often is a result of changed lifestyle that in the  end make people happier. 

Do you think they are doing happy-tests in for instance Somalia or Afghanistan? We doubt it, which brings us to the next point. There is nothing wrong with happy-tests and coaching to learn to be happy but is it a so-called “rich-man’s” phenomenon? In all our wealth, have we forgotten the simple things in life that make us happy? The techniques taught to be happy indicate that (of course it is more complicated than what we give impression of here). It is almost like we have to learn over and over again that all those material things we have around us and think we need is not the key. The key to happiness has nothing to do with material wealth. 

Can you still feel that small enjoyable happiness feeling when lying in bed one early morning and you listen to the birds singing. Do you feel happy with who you are and what you have or do you constantly long for something else when you know you live a good life? Have you forgotten what a smile mean to you or some friendly words? Or a good cup of coffee while enjoying a beautiful ocean-view? If not, then maybe you should try to find time for such simple things. It is not that it will make you fully happy but it could bring light into your life. In the end, it might even make you a happier person.   

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