My dear Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day and I thought I would present my non-exhaustive list of options for potential Valentine’s encounters. Here they are: 

Option 1 – Pure romance? You would be coming towards me across a green field, just when the flowers smell their sweetest, roses are stretching towards the sky, small bumble bees are buzzing around the rhododendron and the birds are singing as if they were imitating the most beautiful symphony in the world. You may arrive on your white horse if you have one and if I may say so myself, I have the perfect arrangement for such a gracious arrival. Yet I realize I may have to accept that if you do arrive, it would be by car or considering a top of the range drone bought through Amazon. Anyways you won’t just pop up out of nothing or from nowhere so I guess I can forget about this one…. Sigh! 

Option 2 – The accidental meeting? We meet by incident on the bus, bumping clumsy into each other as the bus takes a sharp unexpected turn. My eyes meet yours and voila – it’s love at first sight. But.. since… I never take the bus, perhaps I should imagine we could rather bump into each other in a shop– and whoops it was you and I……  Na – nowadays, I doubt I would go from a) meeting you in shop to b) a Valentine’s date. The world has become dangerous and girls have to take care these days. You could after all turn out to be a rapist or a psychopath or I could risk ending up like Sleeping Beauty almost did and sleep for hundreds of years. I am too busy for that. So the equation of meeting accidentally + falling in love at first sight=Valentine’s date sounds mostly unlikely. 

Option 3: Semi-drunk, sweet, silly and happy? No, I do not share similar traits to Bridget Jones, nor am I like the girls in Sex and the City. I don’t smoke either. In fact I cannot stand the smell of nicotine. That might be a disappointment but I do not want to confuse anyone as to who I am, … I like shopping and I like coffee shops. I also enjoy delicious food and fine dining lets not mention the finer things in life…. I guess one could meet potential dates in popular nightclubs, but ….. mmmmhh that’s more for a one-night stand or less.  Time for a reality check -  Get a grip! It just won’t happen. I am way passed the ‘girls just wanna have fun’ stage. As such let’s move on to next options….  

Option 4: You Tarzan – me Jane? A delightful thought indeed and although Tarzan wouldn’t know what Valentine is, Jane would and I am sure he would be as gentle as always once he knew what it was all about. However, I cannot picture all that jingle-jangle between trees in the jungle – it simply isn’t me. Not that I don’t like nature – I do in fact love nature but I also like my comfort (finer things in life and all that….). Therefore, neither Tarzan nor Crocodile Dundee for that matter would do it for me. In any case, I am not particularly fond of crocodiles or the creepy crawlies. A Valentine Date with a man smelling of crocodiles, insects and other musty creatures – I have not had that pleasure however I assume it doesn’t smell of flowers – so I don’t think so…. 

I admit, with age I have become far less adventurous and more selective. I have also become skeptical, a little cynical and to some extent anxious in allowing anyone to approach me. But most of all I have become rational and realistic. As hard as it is to admit caring, gentle and kind men are rare. I guess I am not alone in that realization or in accepting status quo. The truth is, I am not looking for a Valentine’s date. I am looking for the date of forever. Unfortunately he seems to be delayed to make it to Valentine this year unless he will make a sudden appearance through a doubtful fifth option. I will have to accept that no one will be surprising me neither with flowers nor with Chocolate Body Paint this year. But that’s OK, I have my own flowers AND I bake delicious cupcakes with chocolate topping. I hereby accept that I am better off in my own company until I find someone who has been looking for me. But for those of you that are lucky to celebrate romantic love on this very day – #HappyValentinesDay ! 

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