Does life just happen to you?

Choice is about options; it provides us with alternatives and opportunities for life experiences.  Every choice we make is an opportunity to determine our path in life. Whether we choose it consciously or allow fate to take its course, either way a decision is taken.  Often, when we are at crossroads in our lives, important decisions and choices are clouded by insignificant situations or events creating confusion and clouding our judgement.  Getting through the clutter to what matters; gets to the heart of every empowering choice. 

Choice is powerful, choice is empowering, choice determines attitude, it determines how we feel and think. Choice determines whether we lead our lives or whether we exist in our acceptance. It’s the difference between mediocrity and passion; it’s the difference between despair and fulfilment.  It can also be as simple as choosing between the social highlife over family, working overtime over spending time with loved ones; catching a taxi or taking a walk.  These are all everyday choices with consequences. There are no bad choices, but rather unexpected or unintended outcomes. 

Humorously with today’s technology evolving at such a rapid rate one can purchase an APP to assist in the daily decision-making. Ironically, whilst we live more comfortably than our forefathers the volume of information at hand provides us with greater dynamics as we face more and more choices each day, making prioritization a challenge. Commercialism, mass-information and marketing feed us choices across multiple products and lifestyles every single day. From the first cup of coffee, to cereals, to what outfit is suitable for today.  Even if I may dare say to the extent where even the shape of our most intimate parts can be selected and customized to our choice.   Despite all of the technology one cannot escape a universal paradox: “You are free to choose but not free from the consequences of your choice” – Cause and Effect!

Regardless of how progressive and advanced we appear to be, people are humans the world over and we tend to be governed by primitive feelings – love, hate, greed, lust to mention a few. Making conscious choices is deciding how we want to live our life. You can choose to be healthy, choose to be friendly, kind and honest, or you can choose otherwise. There is a choice between telling a lie and standing by the truth. You can choose to nurture your ego or see yourself for who you truly are – be real, you can choose to be selfish or choose to consider what’s the best decision right now and how does this affect those we love the most. 

In many situations we do not consider daily acts as a choice, but they are every single moment is a choice. Those small daily decisions all added up and lead to a way of life with a given outcome.  The choices we didn’t make (consciously) may have greater impact on our lives than we think. Despite abstaining from a making choice – in thinking we cannot – we have in effect made a choice.  Remaining passive is a choice.   So be powerful - choose! Being able to choose is liberating and a privilege. It is freedom, which not all of us have the privilege of enjoying. Ultimately being able to make a choice is empowerment and it’s responsibility. Choosing influences how you feel and how you think regarding a situation and an outcome, it’s the difference between denial and acceptance. Choice is powerful and freeing. Choice is attitude, choice is engaging life, and choice keeps it personal.


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